Product Warranty

The warranty period is the period during which the customer, having discovered a shortage of goods, has the right to require the seller or manufacturer to take measures to eliminate the defect. The seller must eliminate the defects if it is not proved that they arose as a result of violations by the buyer of the operating rules.

At what point does the warranty begin?

  • from the moment of transfer of the goods to the consumer, if the contract does not specify;
  • if it is not possible to establish the day of purchase, then the guarantee goes from the time of manufacture;
  • for seasonal goods, the guarantee goes from the moment the season begins;
  • when ordering goods from an online store, the warranty begins on the day of delivery.

Rules for the exchange and return of goods

Exchange and return of goods to individuals is carried out in accordance with the “Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights”.

Return of goods to legal entities is carried out in accordance with the terms of the contract.